The Next Accountability app is a secondary app that connects to the main Next Recovery app. The Accountability app is for someone who is helping a person on the road to recovery. The person in recovery will invite you to be an accountability partner (via an invitation link). Once you click that link, you can accept (or deny) the invitation. If you accept, you will login with Facebook, Google or your e-mail account. Then you'll download the Next Accountability app and login with the same account you just created. This will link you to the person in recovery.


You will receive push notifications/updates when the individual in recovery (with the Next Recovery app) check's in and updates their status.

You will see the following update:

Were they sober yesterday? YES or NO

How are they feeling today? Great / OK / Not Good

When we know someone is there for us, it can help us stay on the right course. When you receive an update, you can encourage the individual in recovery (if they've had a great day or bad day) or get a pulse on how their last few days have been and take them to coffee or lunch if it's been a bad week.


In the Next Accountability app, you can see the recovery individual's daily stats, days of sobriety, etc. You can also see what rewards (Badges) they've earned in their app (for daily check-ins, journal entries, completing goals, etc.).

You be multiple individuals accountability partners. The Next Accountability app can connect to up to four (4) recovery apps at one time. If you are the accountability partner for multiple recovery individuals, you can use the "Selector" in the top right of the app to change which person's data you are seeing.