The Next Recovery app was designed to be a simple tool to help you track your sobriety and how you feel each day (Great/Ok/Not Good). We created an app because your phone is always with you. On your road of recovery, it's important to track your progress, set goals, and take the small steps one day at a time.

What really enhances the app is the ability to add accountability partners with the partner app, Next Accountability. From the main recovery app, you can invite close friends or mentors to monitor your progress each day and also track your sobriety each day by getting notifications and being able to see your dashboard of daily progress. On the journey of recovery, having someone help keep you accountable will give you a much greater chance of being successful.

You will receive rewards (Badges) for things like checking in each day, one week in a row, completing goals, adding accountability partners. These badges can be tracked in the Dashboard. 


Every time you open the app each day, you'll be asked if you were sober yesterday and how you feel today. This is called a Status Check-in. This progress will be recorded in the app. If you have an accountability partner, they will be notified of this Status and be able to see your sober days as well as how you feel.


In Messages, the Next Team channel is an automated channel to help encourage you as you make progress.

If you add an accountability partner, an Accountability Group channel will be added. You can enter your accountability partner's name and send them an invitation link (via text, email, Facebook, etc.). They can click on the invitation  link and click Accept and login with Facebook, Google, or their e-mail address. Once logged in, they will download the FREE Next Accountability App and be connected to your recovery app. You will be notified when they accept or decline. Once connected, your daily Status check-ins and will be shared and you can also message each other in the app. If you add multiple accountability partners, they will all be in the same group and all of them will be able to see your status updates and you can all communicate together in that channel in the app.


The journal is a simple way to record the best thing and hardest thing that happened each day. This is an optional feature, but it can be powerful to track the highs and lows of a day, to process what is happening, and the ability to look back on how things have changed as time goes by. There is also an optional field for other journal open notes or writing. This will be recorded with the date and time and how you felt that day.


The NextGoal is a way to set one goal to accomplish. Many times adding too many goals at once feels overwhelming or makes it harder to complete just one. So the NextGoal is literally that, set one goal you hope to accomplish that day or that week. It will be on your home screen as a reminder, click and complete.


The Dashboard exists to show you your progress with charts and data. You can select 7 days, 30 days, or 1-year to see your progress. You can see how you've felt over time (from check-in status data) and see the badges/rewards you've earned. Each month, you will get 3 Grace Days (so if you forget to check-in on a day, you won't lose a badge for days in a row). Each month your Grace Days are reset to 3.

There are many new features we'll be adding the future, but our hope for the Next App is that it exists to be a tool on your road of recovery and sobriety.